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Metolong Authority

The Mandate of Metolong Authority is implementation of The Metolong Dam and Water Supply Programme (MDWSP) which is aimed at increasing access to water and improving the reliability of water supply to urban and peri-urban areas in Maseru and the neighbouring towns of Roma, Morija, Mazenod, and Teyateyaneng.

The MDWSP has been identified as the least-cost, long-term solution to supply water to meet increasing demand and support continued economic growth in the above mentioned towns. The MDWSP has five main projects: Metolong Dam, Water Treatment Works, Downstream Conveyance System, Advance Infrastructure, and Environmental and Social Management Programme.

Programme Components

  1. Metolong Dam is a 83m high roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam with a reservoir capacity of 64million cubic metre and a Raw Water Pumping Station with a 1.2 cubic metre per second capacity. Bridge over the dam wall.

Key Milestones:

  • RCC commenced in August 2013 and was completed to full height in February 2015.
  • First impoundment of the Dam took place on 17 February 2014.
  • First Water delivery to the Water Treatment Works commenced in May 2014
  1. Water Treatment Works is a conventional treatment plant capable of producing 75Ml/d average (93Ml/d peak) of potable water. This compares to the existing Maseru plant which can provide +/- 50Ml/d. Work under this project also includes a high lift pump station capable of pumping 1200l/s at 110m head through a 1200mm diameter x 2500m long steel pipeline to the Command reservoir, which has a capacity of 40Ml.
  2. Downstream Conveyance System comprise 125km of pipe line ranging between 200mm and 1168mm in diameter; two booster pump stations; eight (8) reservoirs; 5 chlorination facilities; and offtakes for future expansion.

Contract 1  
Primary Line to Maseru: 36Km of 120mm – 800mm diameter steel pipeline including Mpilo Resevoirs 1 and 2

Contract 2  
Secondary Line to Mazenod, Roma and Morija: 63Km of 660mm – 200mm diameter steel pipeline

Contract 3   
Secondary Line to Teyteyaneng: 25Km of 460mm – 300mm diameter steel pipeline

      Key Milestone Dates

  • First water delivery to Roma, Mazenod and Morija – September 2014
  • First water delivery to Teyateyaneng – January 2015
  • First water delivery to Maseru, High South Reservoir – March 2015
  • First water delivery to Maseru, Mpilo Reservoir – May 2015
  1. Advance Infrastructure
  • North Access road from Motsoeneng to Metolong
  • Two vehicular bridges at Ha Makhoathi and Ha Nchela
  • South Access Road including Liphiring Bridge
  • Gravel Access roads including a vehicular and pedestrian bridges
  • Bulk Power Supply to the dam site
  • Telecommunications
  • Rural electrification to 80 villages connecting 5,055 households and 20 schools
  • Rural Water Supply and Sanitation to 80 villages including 5,789 VIPs
  1. Environmental and Social Management Programme
  • Resettlement and compensation with 2700 house having been paid a total of M52million and 5 houses build for 5 physically displaced households
  • HIV and AIDS Management
  • Integrated Catchment Management
  • Environmental Flow Requirements
  • Cultural Resources Management
  • Community participation

Programme Funding

Component Funder           


Phase 1 & 2

· Government of Lesotho

· Republic of South Africa (The African Renaissance and International 

· Co-Operation Fund)

· European Investment Bank

Metolong Dam · Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic


· Arab Fund for Economic Development in Africa

· OPEC Fund for International


· Saudi Fund for Development

· Abu Dhabi Fund for Development

· European Investment Bank

· World Bank


Treatment Works

· Millennium Challenge Corporation

· European Investment Bank

Downstream Conveyance System · European Investment Bank

· World Bank

Environmental and Social Management Programme · Government of Lesotho

· World Bank


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