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To be a world-class water resources development and management organization.

To efficiently and effectively implement the Lesotho Highlands Water Project in an environmentally and socially friendly manner.

Our values define our identity as an organisation. They also define operational qualities used to improve our performance. As an aspiring world-class organisation, we believe in:

To be responsible, sensitive, economical and protective of our resources, sense of ownership.

Discharge duties with efficiency, care and skill, conduct ourselves and work competently.

We get things done, Deliver quality output on time.

Unity is strength, Value the role and inputs of others; draw on strengths and skills.

Listening, effective information sharing, two-way communication.

Customer Focus
Meet the requirements of customers, with all our actions directed towards delivering value.


The Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) is a bi-national Project between the Governments of the Kingdom of Lesotho (GOL) and the Republic of South Africa (RSA). The Treaty signed between the two governments sets out the structures that are required to implement the Project on behalf of the two governments.

The Lesotho Highlands Water Commission (LHWC) which consists of three delegates per country, is accountable and responsible for the implementation of the Project. LHDA is the implementing authority of the Project within Lesotho, whereas, the TCTA is mandated to raise funding for the part of the Project that is in RSA.

The LHWP comprises water transfer and hydropower generation components with associated ancillary developments.  The water transfer component entails the construction of dams and tunnels in Lesotho, enhancing the use of water from the Senqu (Orange) River and its tributaries by storing, regulating, diverting and controlling the flow to effect the delivery of specified quantities of water to South Africa, and utilizing the delivery system to generate hydro-electric power in Lesotho.

Katse Dam Spilling

Mohale Dam Spilling

The major works of Phase I included the construction of the Katse Dam, the transfer and delivery tunnels, the ‘Muela Hydropower Plant and the Mohale Dam. The Phase II water transfer component comprises a dam at Polihali and a gravity tunnel that will connect the reservoir at Polihali with the Katse Reservoir. The envisaged hydropower component will comprise the Kobong Pumped Storage Scheme, or a similar scheme. The implementation of the hydropower generation scheme is subject to agreement on the outcome of a further feasibility study which is currently underway.

Polihali Weir

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